Profile & Setting

Everyone in the LMS has a profile. Your profile contains your contact information, email address, and time zone settings. In this section, we will discuss each of these in detail. Your profile can be access by selecting the account menu at the top right corner. Then choose Account from the list. You can also access by clicking on your card on the People page. As you update information on this page it will save automatically.

💡TIP: Take time to add your Profile Photo so your class can identify your and your work.


Information in the Profile section is visible to both classmates and instructors. Taking time to fill out this section will help them to get to know you better. If any area does not apply to you, you can leave it blank.

  • Bio - in the text area add a short introduction or message about yourself.

  • Country - to set this, click on the drop-down list and choose your country.

  • City & State - add your city and state by typing in the box.


The information displayed in this section allows your classmates and instructors to contact you. Items that cannot be updated in the LMS are indicated by the darker fill color. If this information needs to be updated, please contact your school.

  • PHONE - is pre-filed from your student records, this cannot be changed in the LMS.

  • ALTERNATE PHONE - you can provide an additional phone number for your instructor.

  • EMAIL - is pre-filled with your official student email, it cannot be changed in the LMS.

  • ALTERNATE EMAIL - others in the class can see this email, adding it is optional.

  • BEST TIME TO CALL - providing this can help your instructor know when to contact you.


Checking the box next to any of these will result in related notifications being sent to your official student email. Read more about Notifications. When you receive an email notification it will include the type notification and a link to the content in the LMS.


Set your local timezone by choosing from the drop-down to set it. Setting the time zone impacts the display of due dates and other times displayed in the LMS. The default time zone is Eastern Time.